Here’s How to Teach Your Kids How to Sew


Sewing is a wonderful hobby which you can definitely introduce to your children. They will love to make the doll dress or other things they use. The feeling of using something made by them will be precious. As you probably know, sewing requires some patience, which could be hard for the youngsters. Here are some proven tips to help you teach your kids how to sew.

When will they Start: Truth be told, there is no ideal age when a child can start sewing. The age depends on the child, how experienced they are with their hand and how confident they feel with the sewing machine.

According to the popular sewing machine reviews, most children can start sewing at the age of 6. And 8 year olds can sew without constant monitoring. However, you should take the final decision based on your child.

Use a Real Machine: Most people think they should use a toy machine to get their kids accustomed to the world of sewing. But that is not a good idea. Most toy machines are crappy and useless.
Chances are high that your kids will be frustrated with the inferior operating process of the toy machine. Instead, you should train the child to use one of the best sewing machines. Along with making them more confident, this also eliminates the additional step of introducing them to the real machines later.

Get their Opinion: During the initial period, you should let your children choose the pattern, fabric, color, style etc. They will probably make some silly choices, but don’t interrupt their choices. It is important to agree even to their childish selection of contrasting colors and unusable patterns.

However, you shouldn’t allow them to use complex patterns during this period. Just let them use the simple patterns and get used to the sewing techniques. Once they get the basics right, they can always master the complex techniques later.

Repeat the Basic Patterns: Repeating the basic patterns over and over is an important part of the learning process. Combine these practices with a design or color they love and they will want to repeat this multiple times.

It is natural that they will make some silly mistakes during their first few attempts, but they are going to improve with continuous practice. In order to become an expert sewer, they need to grasp the techniques of sewing straight lines, cutting fabric, sewing buttonholes, managing seams etc.

Draw the Patterns: While adults can sew from patterns, it could be very difficult for the children. Since they have to concentrate on so many things at once, they will find it very hard to remember the pattern, cutting points and other details. In this case, drawing the pattern of the fabric will be really helpful.

They can follow the lines to cut, sew or stitch and complete the project. As they practice, they will soon be able to sew from pattern without drawing them.

Bottom Line

Now that you know the best ways to teach your kid how to sew, why not get started with your kid on the next weekend? Follow the tips mentioned above and you will find the process a lot easier than you thought. If you have any other idea, feel free to share with us by leaving a comment below.

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