How To Start Running

Start Running

Maybe you are getting tired of walking or dancing and you are thinking about a new workout that makes you get up in the mornings to exercise? You should try running! Running is a great way to start a new routine, it will make you get up, go out and enjoy all the beauty outside.

The best way to start running is walking / running. This will help you to get use to the impact, to the roads and also and very important…about how to breath. You can start running for 20 minutes per day, alternating running and walking, if you feel tired, don’t hesitate about taking a little rest and breath again.

Taking walks breaks during your workout will make you feel better and able to start running again. then you can increase the amount of time day after day.

As you improve and get stronger you can start taking your walks breaks off. When you are starting running, as a beginner you don’t really need to be worried about how many miles you can run, or how fast you run.

You only need to focus on the minutes you are capable of run. With time you can improve yourself and get better.

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Taking about what you need to start running, let me give you a great new… you just need a great pair of running shoes! But real ones! Don’t go to the store and buy the first shoes or tennis you find. You need to ask which is the best for you according to your goals and you will avoid injuries.

Then get a good sport bra if you are a girl, a heart rate monitor to follow your rhythm and appropriate clothes. Basically this is all you need.

When you start running your legs and ankles will probably be sore for a couple of days, so you need to take good rest to recover yourself and start over. Don’t over train! Its better start at a slow pace than hurting yourself.

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When you run, you burn a lot of calories, but you need to be careful about your food also. You need carbs to get energy, protein so your muscles can recover and grow, fruits to boost your energy and also whole grains. It`s a matter of balance.

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Knowing all this… what are you waiting for? Get your shoes on and run! Your body, mind and health will thank you.

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